[Python-Dev] Fwd: installation with ubuntu 8.04

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Fri Mar 13 14:07:40 CET 2009


First, you have stumbled on to the wring list. Generally a list whose
name ends in -dev is for the devs of the project. Hence this is the list
where the Python devs live. In future posts like this should be sent to
python-list (comp.lang.python).

Having said that, Canonical's "reluctance" to support Python 3.x is
(IMHO) simply good engineering caution on their part. If you were to
(accidentally) replace the system Python with 3.x you would undoubtedly
break Ubuntu, which is very Python-oriented, so have a care!

Look in the build instructions for "alt-install", and make sure that you
*know* when you install the new Python that it isn't touching the system
Python at all. Always run make -n install and check what the script will
do before running it until you know what you are doing. Then run 3.x
from (somewhere like) /usr/local/bin.

You may find for a while that there's much less support code available
for the 3.x version. The transition to 3.x is really only just beginning.


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> Subject: installation with ubuntu 8.04
> I am sorry to bother about this but I've asked for help from Canonical
> with no reply.
> They seem reluctant to update Python beyond version 2.5; I'm trying to
> install 3.0.1.
> I'm a newb, and have tried rtfm--does someone have the incantation required?
> Thanks v. much in advance.
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