[Python-Dev] Core projects: 3to2

andrew cooke andrew at acooke.org
Thu Mar 19 11:28:46 CET 2009

Terry Reedy wrote:
> Antoine Pitrou wrote:
>> Terry Reedy <tjreedy <at> udel.edu> writes:
>>> Some of the people who need to support both late 2.x and 3.x would
>>> prefer to write 3.x code and backport.  The OP of a current python-list
>>> thread asked whether there was any way to write something like
>>> 	@alias('__nonzero__')
>>> 	def __bool__(self): return True
>> How about simply:
>>     __nonzero__ = __bool__
>>> I believe my own 3.0 code will mainly also need
>>> print() to print statement
>> If this is only about supporting "late 2.x" (i.e., 2.6 and upwards), you
>> can
>> already write:
> People often do not specify.  I suspect some are thinking back to 2.5,
> but that will change in the future.

i am the author of the original post quoted above.  i wrote a parser
library (lepl) using 3.0.  backporting to 2.6 was fairly easy, but it
still does not run with 2.5.

if i remember correctly it appeared that i was going to need separate
source files because of significant differences in syntax (print,
exceptions) as well as missing functionality (metaclasses, string


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