[Python-Dev] GSoC: Core Python development tools

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Mon Mar 23 21:03:41 CET 2009


Daniel (ajax) Diniz <ajaksu <at> gmail.com> writes:
> But the real point is that, regardless of underlying VCS, there is a
> choice between "having all core developers know by heart the right
> switches and order of steps to correctly checkout/update ->( branch
> locally) -> fix -> diff -> commit -> merge -> solve conflicts" and
> "offering a little, well-documented script that takes care of the
> switches and sequence of steps".

Well, it seems to me that most of these steps are separated by manual
intervention (e.g. compile and run the test suite to check that everything works
smoothly), so there's no real point in making a script out of them.

The real issues with svnmerge are its occasional bugs or failures (it forgot
some changesets when merging in the io-c branch!), its slowness, and its
limitations (which are really inherent to the SVN model: e.g., if someone
commits to the branch you have just started doing an svnmerge to, you have to
revert everything and start over with the latest updates).



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