[Python-Dev] GSoC: Core Python development tools

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Mar 23 23:36:24 CET 2009

>> P.S. I don't believe your claim that it forgot changesets. Could it be
>> that it simply forgot adding files, and that it did so because you
>> already had the files in the sandbox, so that the merging failed?
> It's more weird actually, it actively forgot some changes in some files but some
> other changes in the /same/ files did get merged. 

I see. Provided there is somebody willing to work on this, it might be
interesting to reproduce it.

>> P.P.S. Are you sure you have to re-merge when somebody commits
>> something unrelated to the branch? Or just when somebody else merges
>> as well?
> Perhaps only the latter, I'm not sure actually.
> (but it can also happen that the "unrelated" commit modifies some files you were
> merging changes in...)

That should not be a problem, unless the to-be-merged changes directly
conflict. Just svn-update, then try committing again.

It's actually also possible to recover from overlapping merges also:
just re-run svnmerge with --record-only (-M); this assumes nobody else
has merged the very same changes concurrently.


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