[Python-Dev] tracker status options

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Mar 24 01:00:02 CET 2009

>     That would be great. It occurs to me that if we wanted to use
>     "Stage" settings, it would be easy to search for issues which are
>     not closed by literally searching for 'not closed' rather than
>     'open'. I think it's also unclear whether the 'pending' stage means
>     'suspended pending additional user feedback' or 'resolution of this
>     issue is impending'. My understanding was that it meant 'pending
>     additional feedback' in the sense of awaiting, rather than imminent.
> It's the latter; it's "pending feedback".

Which "latter" (there seem to be multiple pairs in Tennessee's message)?

In any case, it's not really "pending feedback". Instead, it means "if
there is no feedback really soon, it will get closed". So closure is
impending and imminent.


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