[Python-Dev] tracker status options

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Mar 24 21:27:59 CET 2009

>     o consensus needed
>     o test needed
>     o patch needed
>     o patch needs work
>     o patch review
>     o commit review
> The first of these additional items is equivalent to your bullet item
> above.  I would propose that the issue, regardless of whether or not
> it is a bug fix or a feature request, goes into 'consensus needed'

Well, there is always the "unset" state, which means "not triaged".
So if you propose that this should be the default initial state,
I'm opposed.

Instead, would it help to add a "confirmed" state? For a bug, that
would mean that it was successfully reproduced; for a patch, it
was confirmed as desirable.

If the person performing triage cannot confirm the bug, they should
reject the issue (or recommend rejection, in case they are unsure).
Somebody performing triage should never conclude with "I don't
know"; this would be time-wasting.

If, for a bug, the reviewer disagrees that it would be a bug if the
behavior actually exists, then the issue should be closed (resolution
not-a-bug/invalid). If the reviewer agrees that it would be a bug,
but fails to reproduce it, a test is needed.


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