[Python-Dev] tracker status options

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Mar 24 23:34:30 CET 2009

> OK, so given this then I revise the way I understand what is happening
> in the ticket I'm looking at: a reviewer has said "this patch needs
> work" and the submitter has not responded.  Since the behavior has been
> accepted as a valid bug this means...I can either work on the patch, or
> post a message asking if the submitter wants to either revise the patch
> or discuss it on python-dev.  In the latter case if the submitter does
> not respond, then the issue continues to languish.  IMO it shouldn't be
> closed, because it really is a bug.
> Does this match what you would expect a reviewer to do?  (A person
> really doing triage would of course not work on the patch themselves :)

Right. The issue would be in the "patch needs work" stage until somebody
contributes. No further review needed, and yes, the issue will languish
until somebody improves the patch.

> OK, so I guess I've been given more power than I was expecting, and I'll
> just have to step up the bar and learn to use it appropriately :)

:-) With power comes responsibility, of course.

However, review/triage doesn't really help unless it gets issues to be
resolved, eventually. In the specific case: if the bug has already been
confirmed, there is nothing else to be done for the review.


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