[Python-Dev] tracker status options

Daniel (ajax) Diniz ajaksu at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 00:22:48 CET 2009

R. David Murray wrote:
> I understood from posts I saw go by earlier from Daniel that 'pending'
> meant 'close pending unless there is feedback to the contrary' (and I
> just used it that way).  It sounds like that is indeed correct but not
> universally known, and thus I would suggest that at a minimum this status
> be changed to 'close pending' to make it clearer.

Aha, at least one post I feel I can reply to. Sort of. I do have a set
of triaging principles and beliefs about each issue property, but if
you explained to me that 'closed' actually requires unsetting
versions, priority and keywords, I'd buy it and would add that to my
set of triaging beliefs. OK, maybe I'd ask for an explanation :)

ISTM that each tracker user understands different things from each
option, each assignee reacts differently to changes in their issues. I
kinda try to understand what people mean with the options, not what
the options should mean.

If I set issues to pending and simultaneously declare my
interpretation of pending, in part that's because I expect different
people to see different meanings in the status change. I've seen
issues in the top 10 most active that lived in a pending status for
most of their existence.

I'm having trouble posting in these threads because I actually can't
tell whether adding a stage, removing a component or renaming a status
is better or worse than the status quo.

I feel we should make the tracker more useful for core developers,
volunteers and end-users. I also think having a clear workflow helps a
lot. Yet, I'd rather have a tracker that allowed users with different
interpretations to work as they feel most comfortable than one that
requires a change of assumptions.

On my first triaging sprint Brett asked whether a new stage would make
things better and Martin said he could add any new components that
could make triaging easier. I told them I was unsure about it, that I
might have requests for new options after some thinking, but that I
had a couple of RFEs. It's been over a month, but new options still
make me uneasy.

Let me hit send before I conclude (again) this adds nothing to the
discussion and discard it :)


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