[Python-Dev] "setuptools has divided the Python community"

Fred Drake fdrake at acm.org
Fri Mar 27 20:59:42 CET 2009

On Mar 27, 2009, at 3:56 PM, Guido van Rossum wrote:
> One of the motivations for deprecating this (and for using this
> specific example) was that Matthias Klose, the Python packager for
> Debian, said he never uses bdist_rpm.

Given that Debian doesn't use RPMs, isn't that expected?

I'm actually in favor of removing the bdist_* from the standard  
library, and allowing 3rd-party tools to implement whatever they need  
for the distros.  But I don't think what you're presenting there  
supports it.


Fred Drake   <fdrake at acm.org>

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