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garg vikas vikas_it_pec at yahoo.co.in
Sun Mar 29 19:04:36 CEST 2009

    hi everybody , i am going to do the project  on nose compatibility with
core-python testing infrastructure. so i have written the abstract for this project if someone want
to mentor this project plesae contact me ?

                         Core Python Testing Infrastructure | Nose compatibility 
Python is improving day by day by providing more features and facilites
to python programmers,but the developers of core-python has week
testing infrastructure, but as they are well known of the python code
so they can use their own hackish testing ,but "testing the core-python
code" is great problem for the new developers who want to participate
in developing core-python and are new to this core-python code.So
"core-python Testing Framework" requires improvements which can be
provided by using "nose - unit test discovery and execution framework"
which provides you selectively execute certain tests, capture and
collate error output, and add coverage and profiling information in
addition to finding and running your tests.so nose has such great
features but it has not campatible with core-python testing suit.So
that is my aim of project to provide nose framework to "core-python
testing suit".nose also provides one more good feature, that is plugins
support means you can write your plugins which helps in providing 

1. support for testing suits which are not compatible with nose
2. improve the functionality of nose to provide features to your testing infrastructure.
second aim of this project is not going to change anything of
core-python testing infrastructure or with nose but this project will
be an bridge between nose and core-python which will include nose
-plugins and wrappers for providing beautiful features like tag-based
execution,code-coverage and many more features to the core-python
testing infrastructure.it will make testing of code more relevent,make
easy fixing of bugs and as with its tag-based execution property will
help in running selective tests and which will also help in lowering
testing time.It's code-coverage property will make help in finding all
untested places in "code of core-python". 
                                                                   My email:- vikas_it_pec at yahoo.co.in
vikas garg

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