[Python-Dev] "setuptools has divided the Python community"

Baptiste Carvello baptiste13z at free.fr
Mon Mar 30 11:09:18 CEST 2009

Tres Seaver a écrit :
> Note that the kind of applications I work on tend to be the sort which
> will run as server apps, and which will (in production) be the entire
> rasion d'etre for the machine they run on, which makes the cost of
> isolation tiny compared to the consequences of failed isolation.

Indeed. More fundamentally, different use cases call for the dependency 
management to happen in different places.

In the case of the web application, the dependencies must be resolved on the 
developper machine, and tested there, then the full bundle is pushed to the 
production server where failure is not an option.

This is in strong contrast with the Debian (for example) use case, where you 
want the dependencies to be resolved on the end user machine, because that way 
Debian has to support just N independant packages, not NxN possible user 


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