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Brett Cannon bcannon at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 16:35:37 CEST 2009

2009/3/31 Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at gmail.com>

> Mike Coleman wrote:
> > Just for curiosity's sake, could someone outline the five (or so) most
> > significant pluses of hg relative to git?
> Every single git command line example I have seen gives me exactly the
> same gut reaction I get whenever I have to read Perl code. You can extol
> the tool's virtues to me all day long, but you're never going to
> eliminate that visceral horror at its interface, any more than someone
> that loves Perl is going to have any luck convincing me that it really
> can be a sane choice of language for anything more than
> write-once-read-never throwaway scripts.
> Note that it *isn't* the idea of a using a directed acyclic graph in
> general that bothers me (since all DVCSs are pretty much forced to do
> that): it's specifically the way the sensibilities of git's original
> audience are reflected in the CLI, and the subsequent offense to my own
> personal sense of aesthetics :)
> The Mercurial and Bazaar interfaces on the other hand, both seemed
> perfectly palatable (e.g. a bit more inclined to use words over arcane
> symbols), and Hg appears to be a clear winner against Bazaar when it
> comes to performance *right now*. So Guido's intuition actually sounds
> perfectly reasonable to me.

It's also about what the community prefers. Git was eliminated because it
didn't offer some stellar feature that  warranted forcing core developers to
use it when my little survey clearly showed it was the most disliked. Hg was
chosen (in my view) because the community wanted it; after I said Git was
out I had a lot of people come up to me stating their preference for
Mercurial. Once again, while Bazaar would have been fine, there was not
leaping out at me to cause me to think that I should potentially alienate
part of the community by going against their preference.

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