[Python-Dev] nonlocal keyword in 2.x?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Nov 2 22:42:40 CET 2009

> Is it even wort doing a 2.7 release? Isn't the effort better spent on
> 3.2 alone? (Note, these aren't rhetorical questions. It's well
> possible that there are good reasons for pushing along with 2.7. Maybe
> considering those reasons will also help answering questions about
> whether to backport things like nonlocal.)

If no 2.7 is produced, people will ask for the life time of 2.6. I think
users will appreciate not being forced to 3.x as long as possible, which
essentially means as long as we create 2.x releases. It may be that
users could also "live" with 2.6 bug fix releases only - in this case,
we would have to decide for how long these will have to be created.

There is also the issue of committers who already added stuff to the
trunk after the 2.6 release - some may be unhappy to learn that their
stuff is not going to be released (at least not on that branch).

In the end, the EOL for 2.x will need to be decided by BDFL
pronouncement. Users would continue to ask for 2.x releases until
2020 and beyond if all they have to do is ask. Some committers would
likely also want to continue creating 2.x releases for a few more
years (not sure whether that's because they see themselves also as
users, or because they sympathize with the users, or for other reasons).

In any case, a decision not to release 2.7 should be made before
Benjamin produces the first alpha release.


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