[Python-Dev] 2.7 Release? 2.7 == last of the 2.x line?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Nov 4 20:56:27 CET 2009

>> That's not my experience. I see a change in source (say, on Django)
>> available for 3.x within 5 seconds.
> This is for which version of 2to3 ? I got similar experience (several
> minutes), but maybe I am using 2to3 the wrong way. On my machine, with
> 2to3 from 3.1.1, it takes ~ 1s to convert one single file of 200
> lines, and converting a tiny subset of numpy takes > one minute.

The version released with 3.1. The trick is not to recompile all 2to3
code every time you make a source change. Instead, cache the 2to3 output
in the build area, and have setup.py only invoke 2to3 for the files
that got modified.

So whenever I make a change, I do "python3 setup.py install". This
checks all timestamps, finds the modified files (which will only be
one), runs 2to3 on it, and then copies it into my 3.1 installation,
where I can test the change. Recompiling a single file typically takes a
few seconds, or less. It would be possible to also run out of the build
area; you still would need to run "setup.py build" after every change.

There is already support for this in both distutils (as released in
3.1), and distribute.


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