[Python-Dev] Refactoring installation schemes

David Lyon david.lyon at preisshare.net
Thu Nov 5 23:29:22 CET 2009

On Thu, 5 Nov 2009 11:35:41 +0100, Tarek Ziadé <ziade.tarek at gmail.com>
> PEP 376 is working on a default, unified, *installation* format, that
> tries to gather the good ideas of Pip, Setuptools etc.. and propose a
> unified format for our site-packages. This new standard will come with
> APIs in pkgutil to be able to query installed distribution etc. This
> work is also linked to PEP 345 work where we are modifying the
> Metadata, and to PEP 386 that proposes a standard version comparison
> scheme.


But if you put all these PEPs together, implementing all the new features
can't come to more than 300 lines of code...

Since we hardly got anywhere on them in 2009, it will be interesting to
see how much of it gets done in 2010.

> But there's no plan to include a new *distribution* format in Distutils.

I wasn't suggesting that - at all.

And saying that 'eggs' are a *new* python package format isn't really
really helpful because to my understanding they've been around for
some number of years.

No, i won't raise why we have EGG_INFO directories and a whole lot
of half working egg stuff in standard python... I'm just asking
why it can't be more consistant? while we're on the refactoring

Be fair...

I'm saying finish what is already there.. or take out the crap ..

It isn't fair to suggest that I am somehow asking for some big
change when I am simply pointing out all the junk that's in
there that's already half built.

> In any case those PEPs are not finished yet, so everyone can help at
> distutils-SIG

True - and False.

But I've been on the list for some twelve months asking for work
to help out with, and haven't been assigned a single task to do

Seriously, if you won't allocate work out to people then how can
it get done?

Whilst I personally think a lot of the stuff in those PEPs is not
high on quality, why don't we just get them implemented anyway?

I'm a fairly proficient develper, but I can't get assigned a single
work item..

And to me, it doesn't seem any harder than just selecting 'djlyon'
on the python tracker for some work items...

Surely those PEPs all amount to 300+ lines of code. With two people
working on it, that's only surely 150+ lines of code each... That
shouldn't be such a big challenge for 2010..


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