[Python-Dev] Refactoring installation schemes

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Fri Nov 6 02:25:20 CET 2009

On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 15:55, David Lyon <david.lyon at preisshare.net> wrote:
> Tarek, Guido,
> Forgive my grumpy tone..
> Looking positive, if we now have a rough consensus that the PEPS might
> represent some 300+ lines of code... then good - lets get started, that's
> all that I meant. I'm glad above all, that you noticed that part foremost.
> If it's a simple case that alternative's to the solutions cannot
> be considered - because I am grumpy - whatever, then that's something
> I can live with. I didn't know that proposing a different solution
> wasn't a good idea.

That is passive-aggressive and uncalled for. Proposing an opposing
view is fine when done respectfully which you have not done here on

>> PS. Submitting a counter-PEP to the peps editors that hasn't been
>> discussed on the SIG list at all is also a bad move. You really need
>> to change the way you try to interact with the SIG.
> Here are the references to the discussions from distutils-sig. In these
> references you'll see that my interaction with the list was not grumpy
> but was entirely positive. I feel that I got a fair hearing on distutils
> list and I had a number of supporters to my proposal.

That's fine, but it's Tarek's call and as a group we reached the
conclusion that Tarek is doing a fine job and is being more than fair.
It has been stated as such and yet you keep pushing us like we have
not heard you. We did hear you the first time, but you just seem to
not get the message. Adding to the fact that your tone has been an
issue and that we don't want to listen to it anymore has pushed Guido
to the brink and me over the edge. I honestly don't know how Tarek
keeps his patience over on the distutils SIG if he has to deal with
kind of crap constantly.

Personally, I am now sending your emails to the trash since you can't
seem to even reply to Guido's email w/o some nasty undertone.
Hopefully someday you can learn to communicate in a better, friendlier


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