[Python-Dev] Status of the Buildbot fleet and related bugs

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Tue Nov 10 22:50:26 CET 2009

Le Thu, 05 Nov 2009 22:53:27 -0500, R. David Murray a écrit :
> The buildbot waterfall is much greener now.  Thanks to all who have
> contributed to making it so (and it hasn't just been Mark and Antoine
> and I, though we've been the most directly active (and yes, Mark, you
> did contribute several fixes!)).

The buildbots still show occasional oddities. For example, right now in 
the page "http://www.python.org/dev/buildbot/3.x/", some results have 
disappeared (the columns for "AMD64 Ubuntu" builders have become empty). 

Moreover, some buildslaves have gone back in time (they are building 
r76188 after having built and tested r76195)... I swear the new GIL 
doesn't include a time machine.



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