[Python-Dev] standard libraries don't behave like standard 'libraries'

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Nov 12 20:38:40 CET 2009

> I am not an expert, I am just another python learner. These are just my
> views on the state of the standard libraries and to
> make them state-of-the-art..! ;)

If I understand correctly, you want the (current) standard library to be
separated from the Python implementation, and available separately.

Interestingly enough, people are very much split over whether that would
be a good thing or not. Some like it the way Python does, some dislike
it (and some quite strongly so).

In any case, many Python users consider it a good thing that it comes
"with batteries included", ie. with no need to add extra stuff for many

Some of the Python maintainers have recently started objecting to this
setup, asking that the standard library should be split into separate
packages that are released and distributed independent of Python. Others
of us feel strongly that such a change should not be made.

So don't expect any immediate change to happen.


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