[Python-Dev] Too many Python accounts (was Re: PyPI comments and ratings, *really*?)

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Nov 15 23:11:36 CET 2009

skip at pobox.com wrote:
>     Martin> That's indeed what PyPI attempts to do. At the "claim openid"
>     Martin> place, follow the Launchpad link. It should guide you through
>     Martin> the procedure.
> Well, since I use Google a lot more I'd prefer to use that.  If I click the
> Google OpenID link I now get
>     OpenID is already claimed

That means that you already did it. You can associate each OpenID only
with one account (and it doesn't special-case that you are trying to do
it again).

>     Martin> Then, when you want to login, again follow the Launchpad link on
>     Martin> the front page.
> That seems to work, but I'm not sure how.

If it logs you in, it works.

> Doesn't seem to use cookies.  The
> Google OpenID link leads to
>     http://pypi.python.org/pypi?:action=login&provider=Google
> which contains nothing about me.

Don't worry about that. That's how OpenID is supposed to work.

> I saw a pypi.python.org cookie which
> expires "On Quit", so I restarted Camino and verified there were no
> pypi.python.org cookies, then clicked the Google OpenID link.  It still
> works.  I must be missing something obvious...

It's far from obvious. It's called "provider-driven identifier
selection". PyPI redirects your browser to Google. Google looks at
the Google cookie, and finds your identity; they also see that you
have opted to automatically log into PyPI. So without further questions,
they redirect you back to PyPI. PyPI finds your account, and displays
a logged-in page.

Look Ma, no ugly login box with tons of characters to type.


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