[Python-Dev] buildtime vs runtime in Distutils

Tarek Ziadé ziade.tarek at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 10:30:52 CET 2009

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 8:15 PM, Toshio Kuratomi <a.badger at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've brought the issue of Makefile and pyconfig.h being needed for distutils
> to the attention of every new Fedora python maintainer since the package
> split was made.  The current maintainer, David Malcolm, agrees that
> distutils.sysconfig needs to be able to use this data and he has moved the
> Makefile and header files into the main python package.  This doesn't change
> the problems with using a Makefile and C header files as a data format for
> python.

Great News !

Now for the format problem, I agree that it seems more robust to
pre-process the variables
and inject them in the stdlib when ./configure is run.

I am not sure what is the best strategy here, but I would rather not
add yet another
configuration file (wether its an xml format or an ini-like format).

So what I am proposing is to inject those values in a private dict in
the new sysconfig.py module,
that can be read through the get_config_vars / get_config_var APIs.

This means that sysconfig.py will be added as "sysconfig.py.in"


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