[Python-Dev] Package install failures in 2.6.3

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Mon Oct 5 18:44:02 CEST 2009


> Now I am astonished that we are talking about reverting changes in
> Distutils that were done for bugfixes, for a third party package that
> does monkey
> patches on Distutils.

I think we should avoid any questions of responsability here (besides, it is
quite clear that you, Tarek, are not responsible for the pre-existing mess, and
the lack of maintenance on certain popular software). Knowing who is responsible
doesn't make our users' life any better if nothing's fixed in time.

The only question is, given that 2.6.x is supposed to be a bug-fix branch, do we
want to fix that incompatibility with a widely deployed existing piece of
software? Whether or not the incompatibility is legitimate (i.e., whether
setuptools is badly written and relies on implementation details) is beyond the
point, IMO.

[ The issue, of course, is quite different if we come to talk about trunk. ]

> If this choice wins here, it means that setuptools and the stdlib are
> tied together, and that the setuptools package should be integrated to
> the stdlib *immediatly*.

Oh, certainly not. I don't think anybody would want that at this point, even the
most hardcore supporters of setuptools :-)



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