[Python-Dev] Package install failures in 2.6.3

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Mon Oct 5 21:22:40 CEST 2009

Brett Cannon wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 08:44, Barry Warsaw <barry at python.org 
> <mailto:barry at python.org>> wrote:
>     On Oct 5, 2009, at 10:50 AM, Tarek Ziadé wrote:
>             If, as I hope, the answer to that is "yes", then I
>             strongly support
>             releasing a fixed setuptools instead of reverting the
>             change to Python.
>         Yes it does.
>     Excellent, thanks.
>         The fix makes sure build_ext.get_ext_filename still works as
>         it is supposed
>         (just returning the extension of a filename depending on the
>         environment) under all versions,
>         *and* continues to do extra work for the Setuptools internal
>         needs when
>         it is called by Setuptools itself on various places.
>         It's two lines in Setuptools.
>         But beware that a new Setuptools release might take a few
>         months and
>         maybe will never happen.
>         That is why a suggested solution was to install Distribute,
>         because it
>         addresses among other
>         bug fixes, this one.
>     I think we have two other choices.
>     2) PJE releases a new version of setuptools that fixes this problem.
>     3) We (a.k.a. Tarek with our blessing) hijacks the setuptools name
>     (e.g. on cheeseshop) and releases a new version
>     I still hope #2 happens, but let's have a deadline for when the
>     more drastic measures will be taken.
> Or we VERY clearly and loudly state in the release notes and anywhere 
> else we can that Distribute has replaced setuptools and everyone 
> should upgrade immediately because of critical bugs like the one under 
> discussion.

+1 - this sounds like a good solution.

I'm intrigued as to whether setuptools does monkey patch distutils or 
subclass though, they are fundamentally different concepts.


> I should also mention this bug was not unknown. I discovered it after 
> Distribute 0.6 was released as I always run cutting edge interpreters. 
> Never bothered to report it until Distribute 0.6.1 was released which 
> Tarek fixed in less than a week. I never bothered to report it for 
> setuptools as I know it isn't maintained.
> It's probably in our best interest to just get people over to 
> Distribute, let it continue to hijack setuptools, and slowly let that 
> name fade out if it is going to continue to be unmaintained. I have to 
> admit I find it really disheartening that we are letting an 
> unmaintained project dictate how we fix a bug. I really hope this is a 
> one-time deal and from this point forward we all move the community 
> towards Distribute so we never feel pressured like this again.
> -Brett
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