[Python-Dev] comments vs spam in PyPI [was: eggs now mandatory for pypi?]

Vinay Sajip vinay_sajip at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 6 08:09:55 CEST 2009

P.J. Eby <pje <at> telecommunity.com> writes:

> For example, having a packages reddit (nb: open source, written in 
> Python), where people can upvote or downvote packages and leave 
> comments.  That's probably the minimum amount of checks and balances 
> required to avoid problems of the sort the PyPI commenting feature is 
> already having, since others will be able to reply to the comments, 
> and downvote nonsense into oblivion.

Seems like a reasonable idea, given that there's already a Python reddit which
seems popular. There was also www.cheeserater.com (which appears down at the
moment) which was a Django demo site (source available at
http://github.com/jacobian/cheeserater) for rating PyPI packages.

I just created a "cheeseshop" sub-reddit to play around with.

> (Alternatively, shutting off the comment system would also 
> work.  Nothing stops people from using Google to search for "foo 
> sucks" or "problems using foo" if they want to research what's been 
> said about a package.)

Yes, but it's good to have all the feedback in one place, if possible.


Vinay Sajip

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