[Python-Dev] a new setuptools release?

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Oct 6 15:45:31 CEST 2009

Hi Phil,

It's almost a week since I made this offer. I haven't heard anything 
from you. If I've missed anything please let me know and I'll track it 
down, otherwise I hope you can have a look at this some time soon.



Chris Withers wrote:
> P.J. Eby wrote:
>> Here's what actually happened, if anyone cares.  Tarek and friends 
>> announced a fork of setuptools.  I reviewed the work and saw that -- 
>> for the most part -- I was happy with it, and opined as how I might be 
>> willing to bless the the "package inquisition" team as official 
>> maintainers of the 0.6 branch of setuptools, so that I could work on 
>> the fun bits I've long planned for 0.7, but never felt free to start 
>> on while there was so much still needing to be done on 0.6.
> If this offer is still available, I'd lake to take you up on it.
> I'd be more than willing to merge changes on the 0.6 distribute branch 
> back into the setuptools codebase and do whatever is needed to get a new 
> setuptools release out.
> Why? Because there are a *lot* of copies of ez_setup.py and buildout's 
> bootstrap.py that will need replacing if it doesn't happen. I think it'd 
> be better for the python community all round if setuptools just 
> continued in maintenance mode until whatever-ends-up-in-the-core exists 
> and people want to use...
> I'm happy to submit to whatever supervision is needed for you to trust 
> me to do this, and I promise to be as careful as I can with this. I 
> *know* how important this is and want to make it work...
>> All I want is for good stuff to happen for setuptools users and Python 
>> users in general, so I don't think all the suspicion and backbiting is 
>> merited. 
> Fine, if that's true, I apologize (even spelled correctly!) for any 
> previous involvement in this, but please help me help you achieve your 
> aims...
> To put this into a way that makes sense to me: I'm volunteering to keep 
> distribute 0.6 and setuptools 0.6 in sync, no more, no less, and try and 
> keep that as uncontroversial as possible, and get setuptools 0.6 
> releases out to match distribute 0.6 releases as soon as I can.
> Again, I feel I need to stress that the *only* reason I want to do this 
> is to bring the benefits of the distribute work to the existing 
> setuptools codebase, with appropriate attribution if that makes a 
> difference.
> Apologies if any of this is offensive to anyone. For once (really!) I 
> really mean that :-)
> cheers,
> Chris

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