[Python-Dev] Distutils and Distribute roadmap (and some words on Virtualenv, Pip)

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 12 14:52:12 CEST 2009

>> My opinion is that this tool exists only because Python doesn't
>> support the installation of multiple versions for the same
>> distributions.
> This is not at all how I use virtualenv. For me virtualenv is a
> sandbox so that I don't have to become root whenever I need to install
> a Python package for testing purposes and to allow me to hop between
> sets of installed Python packages while developing on multiple Python
> projects. I also use it as a sandbox for build bots so that multiple
> bots on the same machine can each build their own projects with just
> the known dependencies installed.


I also don't use virtualenv for supporting multiple versions, but
rather for sandboxing, testing and experimentation. To make sure that
an app works with the exact dependencies I think it should work with.
Also, it's important that the 'global' site-packages typically
requires root privileges while installing to a virtualenv doesn't.


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