[Python-Dev] [python-committers] On track for Python 2.6.4 final this Sunday?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Oct 13 17:20:21 CEST 2009

>> As this bug already exists in 2.6.2, I don't think the change is
>> eligible for 2.6.4.
>> In addition, I want to review it, which I won't be able to until
>> Sunday.
> Then I'd suggest to wait another week with 2.6.4 to give you a
> chance to look at the patch.

That won't make the change more eligible.

> Of course, but we don't live in an ideal world, otherwise we would
> have noticed before releasing 2.6 :-)

Oh, I did notice. I had been cautioning for years that switching to
a newer VS version (2005 or later) would cause severe problems. We
are still trying to recover from the switch to VS 2008. That said,
staying with VS 2003 really hadn't been an option, either. It's
just said that Microsoft has created a new DLL hell in their attempt
to fix the old one, and that they fail to admit it (assuming that
everybody should be using .NET, anyway).


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