[Python-Dev] Interest in integrating C decimal module into Python?

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Wed Oct 21 19:21:07 CEST 2009

Mark Dickinson schrieb:

> * There's a partially complete rewrite of decimal in C in the sandbox,
> dating from the Need for Speed sprint in 2006:
> http://svn.python.org/view/sandbox/trunk/decimal-c/
> Last time I looked at this it wasn't up to date with the decimal
> specification:  I'm not sure that functions like exp, log and log10
> are currently working.  Georg Brandl might know better than I do.

I haven't touched that code since the sprint, but a student named
Mateusz Rukowicz worked on it for a past Summer of Code, I think.
I never heard of the outcome of that particular project.


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