[Python-Dev] language summit topic: issue tracker

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Oct 23 16:18:39 CEST 2009

Antoine Pitrou writes:

 > Besides, the more keywords there are, the messier it is.

That's what I've found in the XEmacs tracker.  Keywords are a
reasonable way (in the context of the Roundup implementation) to test
new classifications before going to the effort of messing with the
page templates.  But if you don't think "stage" is needed, I'd say
drop it entirely rather than demote it to keywords.

Keywords themselves are rather confusing to non-tracker-hackers,
anyway.  A lot of people seem to think anything that occurs to them
should be allowed.  That's not true in Roundup, you need to register a
keyword before using it.

In the XEmacs tracker I don't allow non-committers to do that.  I'm
open to changing that policy, but as yet I haven't seen a keyword
suggestion from a non-committer that either (1) helps the committers
to do their work or (2) seems likely to help users find relevant bugs.
The suggestions are always of the form "it would make the interface
more complete/consistent."  So I'm going to maintain editorial control
for now....

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