[Python-Dev] updated PEP 389: argparse

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 07:00:14 CET 2009

Steven Bethard wrote:
> Sorry for the delay, but I've finally updated PEP 389, the argparse
> PEP, based on all the feedback from python-dev. The full PEP is below,
> but in short, the important changes are:
> * The getopt module will *not* be deprecated.
> * In Python 2, the -3 flag will cause deprecation warnings to be
> issued for optparse.
> * No casually visible deprecation warnings for optparse are expected
> until Jun 2013.
> * Support for {}-format strings will be added when one of the
> converters is approved. This can be done at any point though, so it
> shouldn't hold up inclusion of argparse.

The new version provides a very good summary of and response to the
feedback on the previous version of the PEP.

+1 on adding the module :)


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