[Python-Dev] [TIP] Possible language summit topic: buildbots

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Oct 25 21:10:41 CET 2009

> Brett actually wants web hooks so pony-build will ping an App Engine web
> app when there is more data, ala PubSubHubbub. Or hell, just have
> pony-build have an Atom feed with updates and simply use PuSH. In other
> words I want to be told when there is an update, not have to poll to
> find out.

Not sure what exactly it is that Brett wants to do, but perhaps Brett
could take a look at


As JP says, there is also XML-RPC (at all/xmlrpc)

For a true push notifications: buildbot sends messages into an
IRC channel - not sure whether an App Engine App could listen
to that.


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