[Python-Dev] Reworking the GIL

Sturla Molden sturla at molden.no
Mon Oct 26 16:46:34 CET 2009

Antoine Pitrou skrev:
> - priority requests, which is an option for a thread requesting the GIL
> to be scheduled as soon as possible, and forcibly (rather than any other
> threads). T
Should a priority request for the GIL take a priority number?

- If two threads make a priority requests for the GIL, the one with the 
higher priority should get the GIL first. 

- If a thread with a low priority make a priority request for the GIL, 
it should not be allowed to "preempt" (take the GIL away from) a 
higher-priority thread, in which case the priority request would be 

Related issue: Should Python threads have priorities? They are after all 
real OS threads.


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