[Python-Dev] MSDN subscribers: Using Visual Studio?

Steve Holden holdenweb at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 04:34:25 CET 2009

I just wondered, with the recent flood of new MSDN subscriptions loosed
on the developer community, how many people have installed the required
version of Visual Studio and built Python for Windows from source? Not
being that familiar with the process myself I was hoping for some advice
from the inexperienced who have overcome any hurdles there might be. I
have a pristine virtual machine just waiting for the right pieces ...

Also what other uses have you found for the licenses? It would be good
to get some information about how useful the licenses have been, and how
they have helped people to improve Python's quality or ease of
distribution (if they have). I'm sure Microsoft would also appreciate
some positive feedback to their generosity, and I'll undertake to
provide that if this message elicits much by way of reply.

Since I'm pretty much too busy to follow the dev list right now I'd
appreciate direct Cc's.


PS: If any further core developers need licenses, I plan to apply to
Microsoft again in the new year. I'll be sending out a message then, I
don't intend to keep a waiting list.
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