[Python-Dev] yappi - any thoughts?

Sümer Cip sumerc at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 08:07:57 CET 2009

Hi there,

yappi(Yet Another Python Profiler) is a multithreaded profiler for 2.x
series(do not know if it will work on 3k, not tested yet). I have done my
best to make it efficient as possible.(details are under the technical
bullet in the website). It is aimed for long-running programs, to
attach/detach profiler and retrieve stats on the fly. The current cProfile
module needs substantial amount of work to accomplish this task and also
have some problems with recursive functions, basically that is why I have
written a profiler from scratch.

yappi is currently(v0.2) modifying the profilefunc variable fo the
ThreadState object to profile an exsiting thread. The newly created threads
are catched via threading.setprofile() call(from VM to our extension). And
for the deleted threads, we rely on the recycling of the ThreadState
objects.(Please see the website for details.)

I have tested it under a game server (100k players per-day) for about a
month for any issues and now releasing it.

Please see:


Any thoughts/comments/ideas, anything?:)

Sumer Cip
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