[Python-Dev] hgeol extension (Was: Mercurial migration: help needed)

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Sep 6 00:06:11 CEST 2009

>> - Martin Geisler also proposes that there is a section
>> [repository]
>> native = <conversionmode>
>> I personally feel YAGNI; it should only support LF (adding such
>> a feature later may be considered)
> Do you mean what native is in the repo or what it should be considered
> on the user's machine? 

The former.

> If it's the former then I actually like it as
> it means a clone doesn't need to do anything special when 'native'
> matches what is expected in the repo while a commit still does its EOL
> validation.

But the same would be true if the repo format would be always LF:
when "native" matches (which would then be on Unix), the extension
would *still* have to do nothing but validation.

> I still think we need to have a server-side block which
> rejects commits that messes up the line-endings so people can fix
> them.


> Shouldn't mess up 'blame' as the messed up line-endings should
> only be from their edits.

It could be that they had a number of commits that eventually lead
to the version that they push; this will also push the intermediate
versions. So when you then do a blame, it will tell you that the
revision was logged as "fix whitespace", rather than "resolve issue

You are mostly right that the committer name would be the same
(except when the committer was pushing some changes pulled from
the actual contributor), however, I still see these whitespace-only
changes as a complication.


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