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I'm still no-mail on python-dev, forwarding as FYI

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Subject: Front Runner Program 

Regarding: Windows 7 Compatibility for Python Application.

I am trying to contact your company regarding the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Program for the application above. I have not been able to get in touch with the person responsible for this application in your company and this is why I am reaching out to you through the Support Team. This application has been identified as one of the applications Microsoft would like to see supported on Windows 7 and I have been tasked by Microsoft to help answer your questions about Windows 7 application compatibility and help you get your application through the Windows 7 "Green Light" compatibility process.

If your application already supports Windows Vista, chances are it will already be compatible with Windows 7 without the need for any code changes.  By pledging support for Windows 7 you're application will automatically be listed in the Windows Application Compatibility seen currently by more than 1 million users per month. The registration is extremely simple and just asks a few key questions.

Here is the link to Microsoft's ISV Application Compatibility page: www.isvappcompat.com<http://www.isvappcompat.com/> . When you have a moment, I would encourage you to visit the site and complete the process to pledge support for your application on Windows 7 by October 22nd 2009 when Windows 7 is officially released.

In addition if you are able to pledge compatibility you'll receive access to a special Windows 7 Partner Marketing Kit that includes a press release with a Microsoft quote, plus customizable marketing templates including; email templates, postcards, web banners, business letter, and copy blocks, all to identify to your customers, or potential customers that your solutions are compatible with Windows 7.

If you provide me with a phone number where to get in touch with you, I will call you to answer any questions you may have.

Once you register on the ISV Application Compatibility site, I would appreciate it if email me to let me know that you have completed so that I can make a note of it for Microsoft. If you register the application under a different partner or application name please let me know in order to track changes. If there is a new version of the application and there are no plans to support Windows 7 on the older version please register the older version as "No planned Support" on the site as well as the new version with desired Win7 compatibility date.

Should you have any questions about this email feel free to call me or send an email to my supervisor at v-mafl at microsoft.com<mailto:v-mafl at microsoft.com>.

Best regards,
Eric Albrecht
800-508-4291 EXT: 309
eric.albrecht at nichecubed.com<mailto:eric.albrecht at nichecubed.com>

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