[Python-Dev] Distutils ML wrap-up: setup.cfg new format

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Wed Sep 23 23:26:28 CEST 2009

P.J. Eby <pje <at> telecommunity.com> writes:
> Hell, I *support* the bulk of Tarek's setup.cfg proposal, and don't 
> even object to him Pronouncing it or cutting off the discussion!  My 
> only issue on Python-Dev was his inaccurate implication that it was a 
> SIG consensus rather than a pronouncement on it.  There is and was no 
> need for any of this to get personal, and I have continually strived 
> to keep my posts here and distutils-sig civil, even when I didn't 
> feel like being civil in response to Tarek's jabs.  I have in fact 
> bent over backwards to be *nice* to Tarek, because he seemed so damn 
> sensitive about everything.  Apparently, however, this does not 
> actually help things.

Ok, so Tarek and Philip, are you both ok that those little disagreements should
belong to the past now? :)

Philip did an important job in bringing setuptools to the Python community, and
Tarek took a difficult decision when he finally decided to fork setuptools (he
had probably been privately encouraged for months by people like me, and was
still reluctant to do it AFAICT). Both of you have been tremendously helpful to
Python, and I'm sure we can move forward graciously.



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