[Python-Dev] a new setuptools release?

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Sep 30 16:57:27 CEST 2009

P.J. Eby wrote:
> Here's what actually happened, if anyone cares.  Tarek and friends 
> announced a fork of setuptools.  I reviewed the work and saw that -- for 
> the most part -- I was happy with it, and opined as how I might be 
> willing to bless the the "package inquisition" team as official 
> maintainers of the 0.6 branch of setuptools, so that I could work on the 
> fun bits I've long planned for 0.7, but never felt free to start on 
> while there was so much still needing to be done on 0.6.

If this offer is still available, I'd lake to take you up on it.
I'd be more than willing to merge changes on the 0.6 distribute branch 
back into the setuptools codebase and do whatever is needed to get a new 
setuptools release out.

Why? Because there are a *lot* of copies of ez_setup.py and buildout's 
bootstrap.py that will need replacing if it doesn't happen. I think it'd 
be better for the python community all round if setuptools just 
continued in maintenance mode until whatever-ends-up-in-the-core exists 
and people want to use...

I'm happy to submit to whatever supervision is needed for you to trust 
me to do this, and I promise to be as careful as I can with this. I 
*know* how important this is and want to make it work...

> All I want is for good stuff to happen for setuptools users and Python 
> users in general, so I don't think all the suspicion and backbiting is 
> merited. 

Fine, if that's true, I apologize (even spelled correctly!) for any 
previous involvement in this, but please help me help you achieve your 

To put this into a way that makes sense to me: I'm volunteering to keep 
distribute 0.6 and setuptools 0.6 in sync, no more, no less, and try and 
keep that as uncontroversial as possible, and get setuptools 0.6 
releases out to match distribute 0.6 releases as soon as I can.

Again, I feel I need to stress that the *only* reason I want to do this 
is to bring the benefits of the distribute work to the existing 
setuptools codebase, with appropriate attribution if that makes a 

Apologies if any of this is offensive to anyone. For once (really!) I 
really mean that :-)



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