[Python-Dev] what to do if you don't want your module in Debian

Piotr Ożarowski piotr at debian.org
Mon Apr 26 21:19:59 CEST 2010


Many Python module developers do not want their work to be distributed
by Debian (and probably by other Linux distributions), here's a list of
hints that will help you accomplish that goal:

* depend on unstable or unreleased software (even if you
  use it only to generate docs or do unit tests),
* bundle local copies of 3rd party modules and do not send your changes
  upstream, never document your changes in upstream code,
* break API in every release,
* break ABI in every second release,
* do not ship all files needed to build the extension/docs/etc. in the
  source tarball,
* do not list required dependencies in install_requires or INSTALL/README
* if you list them, make sure you set the minimum required version to the
  one released yesterday, even if module works fine with version released
  2 years ago,
* create your own versioning schema (do not follow PEP-0386!), change it
  from time to time,
* hardcode paths in the code and do it in as many places as you can
  (add new ones every few releases, that will teach them to not patch
  your code),
* ignore FHS (you're using Windows after all); use __file__ whenever
  you can,
* make sure there's nothing about license in LICENSE file or in file
* if you have some free time, create your own license, avoid
* if you use GPL, do not include full content of the license in the
* release different tarballs with the same version number,
* use waf as build-system,
* release a new version without testing it with your own unit tests first
  to ensure that it will fail when your favourite Debian Developer tries
  to build it


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