[Python-Dev] Released: Python 2.6.6

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Aug 25 01:12:40 CEST 2010

On Aug 24, 2010, at 03:31 PM, Barry Warsaw wrote:

>Python 2.6.6 marks the end of regular maintenance releases for the
>Python 2.6 series.  From now until October 2013, only security
>related, source-only releases of Python 2.6 will be made available.
>After that date, Python 2.6 will no longer be supported, even for
>security bugs.

merwok asks on IRC whether documentation changes to release26-maint will be
allowed.  I can sympathize with the 'allow' argument; Python 2.6 is still
either the default version or soon to be the new default in several
distributions, and it will take a while before Python 2.7 is as widely

I can also sympathize with the 'disallow' argument; it's more work for
everybody because it effectively means the branch is still open, and I will
probably have to push out new docs every now and then.

OTOH, I suspect there won't be *that* many documentation fixes for Python 2.6
and that the overhead will be minimal.  What did we do for Python 2.5?  I'm
willing to support consensus, and if that means allowing documentation fixes,
I'll accept the extra RM work.  OTOH, I won't cry too much if the consensus is
to not allow them.

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