[Python-Dev] versioned .so files for Python 3.2

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Tue Aug 31 10:32:27 CEST 2010

On 28 Aug, 2010, at 12:29, Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> - wide-unicode: this is a tricky one. I'm tempted to say that the
>  stable ABI should always use a Py_UNICODE that matches the platform's
>  wchar_t. Alternative proposals are welcome.

Sizeof(wchar_t) is 4 on OSX, but the Apple frameworks use a 16-bit type to represent unicode codepoints (UniChar).  Current builds on OSX use a 16-bit unicode type which makes it pretty cheap to convert strings from Python to a C array of UniChar.

I'm therefore -1 on switching to a wide unicode build on OSX. 


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