[Python-Dev] Python and the Unicode Character Database

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Dec 1 23:36:13 CET 2010

>> I think the OP (haiyang kang) already indicated that he finds it quite
>> unlikely that anybody would possibly want to enter that.
> Who's talking about *entering* it into the program at a keyboard
> directly, though? Input to a program can come from all kinds of crazy
> sources. Just because it wasn't typed by the person at the keyboard
> using this program doesn't stop it being input to the program.

I think haiyang kang claimed exactly that - it won't ever be input to a
program. I trust him on that - and so should you, unless you have
sufficient experience with the Chinese language and writing system.

> Note that I'm not saying this is common. Nor am I saying it's a
> desirable situation. I'm saying it is a feasible use case, to be
> dismissed only if there is strong evidence that it's not used by
> existing Python code.

And indeed, for the Chinese numerals, we have such strong evidence.


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