[Python-Dev] Unanswered reactions to python-checkins

Éric Araujo merwok at netwok.org
Sun Dec 5 15:19:16 CET 2010


Three messages sent in reaction to python-checkins email have not got
any reply so far, so I’m resending them.


Nick, in reaction to the reprlib.recursive_repr commit:
>> > +        # Can't use functools.wraps() here because of bootstrap issues
>> > +        wrapper.__module__ = getattr(user_function, '__module__')
>> > +        wrapper.__doc__ = getattr(user_function, '__doc__')
>> > +        wrapper.__name__ = getattr(user_function, '__name__')
>> > +        return wrapper
> Perhaps add __wrapped__ as well?
> (I assume that, similar to _collections before it was made a builtin,
> the bootstrap issue is that _functools is an extension module rather
> than builtin, but reprlib is needed when building the extension
> modules?)

Me, about a zlib-related change in Misc/NEWS:
> +zlib
> +----
> +
> +The :mod:`zlib` extension is built using an included copy of the zlib
> +sources unless the zlib version found on the system is too old to be
> +used for the build::
> Unless or if?  Building with an included copy *if* the system one is too
> old makes sense to me, not the contrary.  Am I not seeing something?

Me, about a change to winsound.PlaySound:
>  Extension Modules
>  -----------------
> +- Issue #6317: Now winsound.PlaySound only accepts unicode.
> +
>  - Issue #6317: Now winsound.PlaySound can accept non ascii filename.
I think the new entry should have replaced the older: “only accepts”
trumps “can accept“.

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