[Python-Dev] kill_python on windows buildbots (was Re: Stable buildbots)

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Tue Dec 7 15:38:30 CET 2010

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On 12/06/2010 07:24 PM, David Bolen wrote:
> I previously wrote:
>> I suspect the problem may be on the "identify which process to kill"
>> rather than the "kill it" part, but it's definitely going to take time
>> to figure that out for sure.  While the approach kill_python takes is
>> much more appropriate, since we don't currently have multiple builds
>> running simultaneously (and for me the machines are dedicated as build
>> slaves, so I won't be having my own python_d), a more blanket kill
>> operation is safe enough.
> For anyone interested, I caught (well, Georg Brandl caught it first) a
> case on Saturday with some hung processes on the Win7 buildbot that I
> was able to verify kill_python failed to kill.  This was after having
> a few instances where it did work fine.
> I've created issue 10641 to track.  I also noticed another recent
> issue (10136) that is also related to kill_python missing processes,
> but given that it works in my case some of the time, and is always
> called via the same path, not sure if that can be my problem.
> I also realized that some fraction of the other cases I have seen
> might not have truly been an issue, since from what I can see
> kill_python is only run at the start of a build process, so hung
> processes (even killable ones) from a prior build hang around until
> the next build takes place.  They can however, interfere with the svn
> checkout so things never get to the point of using kill_python.  So
> maybe kill_python's use should be moved to the clean stage?

Maybe belt-and-suspenders it in both places.

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