[Python-Dev] futures API

Thomas Nagy tnagyemail-mail at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 9 13:26:02 CET 2010


I am looking forward to replacing a piece of code (http://code.google.com/p/waf/source/browse/trunk/waflib/Runner.py#86) by the futures module which was announced in python 3.2 beta. I am a bit stuck with it, so I have a few questions about the futures:

1. Is the futures API frozen?
2. How hard would it be to return the tasks processed in an output queue to process/consume the results while they are returned? The code does not seem to be very open for monkey patching.
3. How hard would it be to add new tasks dynamically (after a task is executed) and have the futures object never complete?
4. Is there a performance evaluation of the futures code (execution overhead) ?



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