[Python-Dev] transform() and untransform() methods, and the codec registry

Éric Araujo merwok at netwok.org
Thu Dec 9 20:19:06 CET 2010

Le 09/12/2010 19:42, Guido van Rossum a écrit :
> Given that it's in 3.2b1 I'm okay with keeping it. That's at best a
> +0. [...]

> though I still don't like that the registries for transforms and
> codecs use the same namespace. Also bytes-bytes and
> string-string transforms use the same namespace even though the
> typical transform only supports one or the other. E.g. IMO all of the
> following should raise LookupError: [...]

Although I’d regret not having transform/untransform in 3.2, I think
there needs to be a discussion about this namespace issue before the new
methods ship.


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