[Python-Dev] kill_python on windows buildbots

David Bolen db3l.net at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 22:34:25 CET 2010

Hirokazu Yamamoto <ocean-city at m2.ccsnet.ne.jp> writes:

> Yes, but test can freeze. In that case, I'm worried that
>   (snip)
>   rt.bat .... # freeze here (will be halt by buildbot)
>   vcbuild .... & kill_python_d # Will this be called?
> in test.bat.

Yeah, you're right.  It may be impossible to completely eliminate the
risk of a process getting stuck without doing something external to
the build process, so long as the first thing a new build tries to do
is an svn checkout that will fail if the process is still running.

Having the kill operation in clean.bat covers the vast majority of the
common cases with a minimum change, so seems the simplest.

-- David

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