[Python-Dev] Remove HTTP 0.9 support

André Malo nd at perlig.de
Thu Dec 16 07:42:08 CET 2010

* Antoine Pitrou wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to remove HTTP 0.9 support from http.client and
> http.server. I've opened an issue at http://bugs.python.org/issue10711
> for that. Would anyone think it's a bad idea?
> (HTTP 1.0 was devised in 1996)

HTTP/0.9 support is still recommended (RFC 2616 is from 1999, but still 

I'm wondering, why you would consider touching that at all. Is it broken? 
Does it stand in the way of anything? If not, why throw away a feature?

Already I've seen people (really!) write web URLs in the form:
[...] How soon until greengrocers start writing "apples $1\pound"
or something?                           -- Joona I Palaste in clc

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