[Python-Dev] Search-friendly shortcuts for Windows?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Wed Dec 22 07:49:14 CET 2010

On 12/22/2010 1:23 AM, Adal Chiriliuc wrote:
> Microsoft recommendations:

> Avoid putting a version number in a program name unless that is how
> users normally refer to your program.

Version numbers are the point of this issue, because people *do* have 
multiple version installed.

> Put only program shortcuts on the Start menu. Don't put shortcuts to
> the following items on the Start menu:
> - Program uninstallers. Users access uninstallers through the Programs
> control panel item.

Many programs put them there where they are EASY to access and invoke. 
Control panel and add/remove programs are absolute slugs when it comes 
to starting up.

> - Help files. Users access Help topics directly from your program.

Have you ever run the other items? IDLE has its own help. Control panel 
has no menu, and what help it does have is for its configuration dialog.

> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa511447.aspx
> I think it's fine for Python to use a version number and to put links
> to the manual in the Start Menu (since Python doesn't have a Help
> menu). But the uninstall shortcut should go.
> I also don't think that "command line" should be used in the title.
> And why is the .CHM file called "Manuals"? Why the plural?

Because there are several.

  When seeing
> this title I thought that maybe it's a link to the Doc directory. Most
> of the .CHM files that I have in my Start Menu are called "abc
> Documentation", and a couple "abc Users Manual". The help file it's
> also titled "Python v2.7 documentation" when opened, so maybe it

That is only true of the 2.7 doc.

> should be renamed to "Python 3.2 Documentation".

The 3.2 doc already is, at least on my system.

>> Initial proposal for 32 bit builds:
>> - Python 3.2 (command line - 32 bit)
>> - Python 3.2 Manuals
>> - Python 3.2 Docs Server (pydoc - 32 bit)
>> - IDLE (Python 3.2 GUI - 32 bit)
>> - Uninstall Python 3.2 (32 bit)
>> Initial proposal for 64 bit builds:
>> - Python 3.2 (command line - 64 bit)
>> - Python 3.2 Manuals
>> - Python 3.2 Docs Server (pydoc - 64 bit)
>> - IDLE (Python 3.2 GUI - 64 bit)
>> - Uninstall Python 3.2 (64 bit)

Terry Jan Reedy

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