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It might still be worth saying something like:

Note that this "python <file" does something subtly different; the
details are not included in this tutorial.

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> Date: Tue Dec 28 10:18:24 2010
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> Remove confusing paragraph -- this is relevant only to advanced users anyway and does not belong into the tutorial.
> Modified:
>   python/branches/py3k/Doc/tutorial/interpreter.rst
> Modified: python/branches/py3k/Doc/tutorial/interpreter.rst
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> --- python/branches/py3k/Doc/tutorial/interpreter.rst   (original)
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> @@ -58,14 +58,6 @@
>  ``python -m module [arg] ...``, which executes the source file for *module* as
>  if you had spelled out its full name on the command line.
> -Note that there is a difference between ``python file`` and ``python
> -<file``.  In the latter case, input requests from the program, such as calling
> -``sys.stdin.read()``, are satisfied from *file*.  Since this file has already
> -been read until the end by the parser before the program starts executing, the
> -program will encounter end-of-file immediately.  In the former case (which is
> -usually what you want) they are satisfied from whatever file or device is
> -connected to standard input of the Python interpreter.
> -
>  When a script file is used, it is sometimes useful to be able to run the script
>  and enter interactive mode afterwards.  This can be done by passing :option:`-i`
>  before the script.  (This does not work if the script is read from standard
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