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Mon Jan 18 10:37:10 CET 2010

Brett Cannon wrote:
> Michael has given me the hg transition/stdlib time slot at the language
> summit this year. In regards to that I plan to lead a discussion on:
> * where we are at w/ the Hg transition (Dirkjan should be there and I did a
> blog post on this topic recently:
> * argparse (PEP 389)
> * brief mention on still wanting to break out the stdlib from CPython
> * an official policy on extension modules? (i.e. must have a pure Python
> implementation which can mean a ctypes implementation unless given an
> explicit waiver)
> That's everything from a stdlib perspective. I have half-baked ideas, but
> nothing concrete enough to bring up unless people really want to discuss
> stuff like how to potentially standardize module deprecation warnings, etc.
> In terms of me personally, I do plan to bring up at some point during the
> summit these points which don't squarely fit during my time slot:
> * an official unofficial policy on how new proposed features should come to
> us (i.e. working code to python-ideas with a shell of a PEP that includes
> abstract and motivation -> hashed out PEP to python-dev -> pronouncement)
> * any changes needed to the issue tracker to help with the workflow? (stage
> field seems like a failed experiment and we now have several effective
> triage people who can help w/ guiding changes)
> If there is something missing from the stdlib discussion that you think
> should be brought up at the summit let me know. And if there is something
> here you want to discuss before the summit let me know and I can start a
> separate thread on it.

Could you please put these things and the results up on the Python
wiki ?!

We're going to have a language summit at EuroPython this year
as well and may want to continue/extend the discussion based
on what you're doing at PyCon.

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